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A Thing or Two about a Care Label

A Thing or Two about a Care Label

Yes, there is a care label on your clothes. You can find the label at the left side seam on tops and jackets and the waist seam on bottoms.

A care label should clearly state the exact composition of the shell fabrication and the best way to care for the garment. It should include how to wash, whether or not to bleach, dry, and iron. Designers and manufacturers often give the safest washing and drying method for the product, so it is essential to follow the instruction.

But there are more than what a care label says.

How do you store your clothes? How often do you wash it?

It is best to keep your woven garment on a hanger with some room between the clothes so that the fabric can breathe. Use right-sized ones so that your clothes won't be stretched out. Soft padded hangers are helpful when you store your dresses and silky garments.

Your knits and sweaters should be folded and stored in drawers or boxes. If you use baskets, please make sure they are fully lined. Any knitted pieces will grow longer and will not be able to return its original shape 100% if you hang them.

Now, let's talk about washing our precious garments. Wash only when needed! There is absolutely no reason to wash the garment just because you wore it one day. Not only will you save your time and money, but your clothing will also last longer. Frequent washing and drying shorten the life cycle of the garment in general. So wear a few more times before you wash it and wash with cold cycle. You may use a fabric refresher between the washes.

Hand washing your lightweight tops and dresses is a great idea too. If you let the garment lay on flat to dry after wash instead of using a dryer, that would help to save the energy enormously.

It is worth to note that a lot of the garments are okay to be washed either with a machine or hand even if the care label says dry clean. But in order to find out the safe way to wash and care for, you would need to look at the exact content of the shell fabric as well as the lining.

Once you know what it is made of, you can figure out other washing methods. Do not worry if you are not knowledgeable about the characteristics of the fabrics. There are tons of great information that you can find online in understanding how to treat and care garments better. For example, though your wool and cashmere sweater has a care label saying you should dry clean, you can hand wash them in water with wool shampoo or detergent. Just don't hang it after washing though unless you want the sweater to grow!

We hope you cherish your clothes for a long, long time.