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Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit

Our sustainable trench coat, The Slouchy Trench comes in 2 sizes, size 1 and 5. You just thought to yourself – what are these?!

That’s why I am writing to you today. The Slouchy Trench is an oversized, long trench coat and it is possible for different sizes/ body types to wear the same size. Though the fit would be different, the trench coat can be worn from 00 to 12. I wanted to launch the brand with a product that can be enjoyed on more people within the limits of current production and that is why among other styles, the trench was produced. I had to label the sizing differently than alpha XS – S – M – L or numeric 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 because of the oversized, flexible fit. 

Fit by definition is the way clothing fits the wearer and it is different from size. Therefore it is decided by the wearer, not designer nor manufacturer. 

Still, it may be still confusing what size 1 and 5 are. Size 1 would be good for anyone who wears XS – S – M and even L in some cases. I recommend size 5 for anyone who wears L or larger. And considering your height, I came up with this chart. 

And there are the model’s sizing as well as the width and length of the trench coat here. See if you are taller or shorter than the featured model, and imagine who would be closet to your sizing and body. 

Lastly, feel free to email me with your photos and I can suggest which size to go for. Even color decisions. Yes, send me that selfie of your office look :)