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Low-waste Party

Low-waste Party

It’s officially PARTY time of the year! 


I love throwing parties. Bringing family and friends at home, enjoying food and drinks with them, catching up…  (and I don't have to leave home!) This is the time to do so and there are so many gatherings are happening. Family dinners, Office parties, Christmas parties, school reunions, year-end gatherings… are you hosting any? If so, there are many things you can do to reduce waste. 

There are many zero-waste devoted sites and blogs now all over the internet and you may get overwhelmed by the vast sea of information and advice. Just remember that there is no need to stress yourself over it. It is for the good and we want to enjoy the journey. There is no perfection in the world and that is not the goal. The purpose is to have more people care for the planet we live in and be less wasteful.

When you enjoy, you can continue improving sustainability in your daily activities and inspire others to do so. 

Be Creative with Menu Use whatever you have in the fridge already! Of course, you may shop for some food and bottles of wine but it would be great if you could use what you already have. Leftover veggies to a big bowl of salad or steamed veggies platter. Frozen meat to a nice hot stew or skewer. You can also make soup stock with food scraps and leftovers and it is so useful!  

Keep It Real Ditch the ugly one-time-use paper and plastic plate and utensils. Did you know that over 90% of plastics are not recycled? People show respect when your table is set with real dinner plates and glassware. They are much more likely to hold on to their glass and dish and settled in. Just make sure that your dishwasher is empty before the party starts. At the end of the night, you can load everything up and wake up to the clean dishes. 

Decorate with Nature  There is no need to buy plastic branches or faux flowers. Just collect some fallen branches when you go for a walk and wash them gently and put them like flowers. You can decorate the table with those little cactus too. 

Put Sign(s) This is important! It is very simple but easy to forget. Put handwritten signs like "take only what you can eat" and "less waste, happier us" so that people are reminded. Also, don't forget to put signs for trash and recycle bins for them. If they see a clear direction, they will respect it and clean their dishes before putting them in your sink and make you happier. 

Happy hosting!