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My Models Are Not Models

My Models Are Not Models

Have you checked out the new photoshoot images on the website? You may have noticed that the models don't fall into the typical fashion model type. 

Because they are not.

I grew up dreaming to become a designer, browsing through pages of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue that I could get my hands on(which was not easy). It was just fascinating. The extravagant clothes, unusual styling, flawless skin, perfect body - the visual presentation was another aspect of fashion that was deeply intriguing. And it still is.

However, as with anything else, there are effects that I grew to be conscious of.

Fashion images, in general, are too, too far off from reality. 

Not only those images generate urge and pressure to become thin and tall, but they also contribute to reproduction in the work of design. When working with the unbelievably thin and tall models, you tend to forget how clothes will look and work on real people. Inclusivity is advertised these days as some kind of trend, yet it is a serious matter that the fashion industry needs to face. Making more sizes than the current standard takes great effort. It is not just adding another inch and grade up. (And this deserves a full blog story!) As a very small start-up brand, AGENdA lacks resources to launch many products in many sizes at this point. So I decided what I could do - presenting clothes on real women. 

I would love to share more about these wonderful people. What they believe, what they care about and how they understand sustainability and fashion. But for now, let me just say that I believe in the power of image and visualization. And that is why you see what you see.

Real people presenting AGENdA.