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A Peek into the Future

A Peek into the Future

If you've been to a trade show, you know how overwhelming it could be. And if you tried searching sustainable fabric, you know how you get disappointed and/or frustrated at the limitations you face.

Well, then this is for you!

The Sustainable Angle's Future Fabrics Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of sustainable materials for the fashion industry, and it returns January 2020 in London. However, its mini, curated version has come to New York this week, and I could not wait to go. FIT Design Entrepreneur Collaborative on 8th Ave housed it, and it was several racks categorized by the nature of the fabrications.

There were recycled Poly, Nylon, Elastane. There were recycled, organic, GOTS organic, organic Pima Cotton. There were natural fibers like Hemp, Linen, Raime, Silk, Yak, and of course TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal. I found some beautiful recycled Wool which I can use for winter coats and jackets. I was satisfied and pleasant with my discovery since recycled Wool was not an easy thing to source.

But what surprised me was leather.

There were organic leather skins and leather-likes. Leather is an excellent material to work with not only because of its beauty but its natural warmth and durability. But how the skins were sourced and produced made headlines in recent years and the complex debate whether or not it is ethical or logical to use animal skins continues. I looked into other options. There are quite a lot of interests in this area, and several innovations were on the way to commercialize. But the texture of the famous Pineapple Leather, Piñatex ® was not what I was looking for, and it was nearly impossible to get lab-grown leathers. So I was on the state of holding off on finding sustainable leather.

Yet there it was, this beautiful leather-like from leftover Apples - with the look and texture almost impossible to distinguish from real animal skins.

The Future Fabrics Expo today helped me to realize that we should not give up. As we live in a world of technology and innovation, we may cure the Earth and stay living on this beautiful planet for eternity.

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