Story: AGENdA by July

AGENdA by July is more than a fashion brand. It is a belief, a hope, and a promise. A belief that beautiful clothes can be comfortable and sustainable. A hope that a small brand can create a ripple effect of positive changes. A promise that everything we do will be acted upon our values.

The founder, July is born and grew up in Seoul, Korea. She moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Working as a design and merchandising roles for more than a decade, she saw various issues lies in the current fashion industry and developed an idea of building a sustainable fashion brand. It actually started when she was trying to find a well-made trench coat in 2019. She has been slowly upgrading her worn-out pieces to more sustainable and high-quality ones and realized that finding undergarments, t-shirts were pretty easy but not so for more complicated styles like a suit jacket. She saw the void in the mature, tailored market and started working on AGENdA.

#AGENdAbyJuly is named after the idea that we can set our own agenda no matter what the current reality is. We focus on offering versatile and high-quality fashion to modern women. The various roles we fulfill in our lives demand the clothes that are comfortable, practical, and versatile.

#MyAGENdA We understand the issues that we are faced in the fashion industry are complex and it is difficult to make a real impact as an independent brand. Yet we want to be part of positive changes by raising awareness in fashion and sustainability and sharing knowledge and resources so that we can all make a difference. 

#RealWomen Fashion is too often projected in a way to limit women's beauty. We live in a world that we feel pressure to be unrealistically thin, tall, young, etc. AGENdA is pursuing more healthy beauty and recruit real women as our models. We celebrate women in all shapes, colors, and ages.