It is our purpose to bring thoughtful and beautiful fashion to your 6-9 life.

Sustainability is an evolving practice, and we don't know all the answers, nor we can't implement all we want. But we are continually educating ourselves to be more resourceful and impactful. The main areas that we focus on are:

As a fashion brand, our products are what we stand for. Thoughtful choices on materials are where we can make the most significant impact and will always be our basis. AGENdA by July is using only sustainably produced fabrications. What are the fibers? What is the process like? How is it dyed? Is there any coating? How can it be maintained? Could it be recycled, or is it biodegradable? We ask questions and push for more clear explanations so that we can make better choices. We also minimize our packaging, and all packaging materials are 100% recycled. 

Design philosophy plays a crucial role in sustainability. In the current segmented fashion industry, designers' role is often limited to sketching and creating technical packages to send off to a factory. At AGENdA, we use trained design skills as a way of building and running the company. At AGENdA, everything begins with a lifecycle approach. Design is not just drawing a sketch. It is to understand the whole manufacturing process and life cycle of products and find ways to solve facing problems. Believing in the power of design, we strive to make durable, versatile, quality products. 

Making a piece of clothing is an undeniably complicated, often global process. We are not able to identify all people that are involved at this point. For example, we cannot track the names of people who made the fabric in the mill. We do not know who made the buckle that goes on to the waist belt. We understand establishing traceability and transparency on the supply chain is a daunting yet necessary job. We are committed to getting to know people in our supply chain and do our best to ensure safe, healthy, and free working conditions. By building trust and long term relationships with partners, we want to set mutually agreed Code of Conducts.